The Gazebo, an informational bus shelter, and an educational

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Replica Handbags “Restoring the Gazebo was read more here a lot of hard work, but we came together to get the job done,” said Pam Fendt, MALC President. “We appreciate the donations that came in and all the volunteers who helped out. We are proud to be the stewards of the Wisconsin Workers Memorial Gazebo, a living monument and memorial that means so much to so many in our community.” The Workers Memorial Gazebo and parkwide fence tell the story and the accomplishments of the labor movement. The Gazebo is decorated with salvaged gears and tools of the workplace. A large clock edifice symbolizes the time spent at work as well as the fight for the 8 hour workday. The Gazebo, an informational bus shelter, and an educational display with a powerful chain link installation declaring “an injury to one is an injury to all,” “equal pay for equal work,” “workers of the world unite,” and other popular labor slogans complete the park. The memorial is designed to pay respect to workers who have faced dangers and hazards on their job, as well as the struggles to overcome these hazards, thus the emphasis on Wisconsin labor history. Replica Handbags

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